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• MG Underground is a leader in the installation and rehabilitation of buried infrastructure systems. We provide a comprehensive portfolio for the installation and rehabilitation of all underground systems including but not limited to manholes, catch basins, sanitary sewers, industrial and process sewers, storm water drains, water and fire lines.

• At MG Underground we strive to be a solution provider to solve all your underground needs in a programmatic approach. Each project is completed with understanding and exceeding all safety requirements of the industrial environment. Our crews are efficient providing solutions in a safe and timely manner with minimal disruption to your daily activities and production.
Pipe Bursting
Underground Pipe Bursting
Underground Slip Lining
Underground CCTV Inspection
Industrial Solutions

It is imperative to complete an infrastructure assessment and preventive maintenance to ensure that production is not hindered with aging or failing infrastructure in your production facility. Deteriorated or leaking pipes and structures can pose potential production losses, health and environmental hazards if not identified and addressed in a timely fashion. Each day across the US municipalities,manufacturing plants and production facilities are losing production and profits due to the deteroitated, leaking and aging facilities. At MG Underground we can provide a programmatic or specific need based approach to all your underground and production piping rehabilitation needs. From our experience it has beneficial with the clients that we have worked with to identify and provide an acceptable rehabilitation solution that is safely preformed with minimal impact to production and operations.


• Closed Circuit Television Inspection and Cleaning

• Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Gravity and Pressure

• Pipe Bursting

• Slip Lining

• Spiral Wound Pipe Lining

• Manhole Rehabilitation and Lining

• Point Repairs

• Removal and Replacement of existing pipe and structures
Point Repairs Removal and Replacement Spiral Wound Pipe Lining Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation
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