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Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Gravity

Cured-In-Place Pipe solutions are the most widely accepted form of trenchless pipe renewal.

This technology is a non-invasive and permanent solution the will minimize plant downtime and maximize cost savings.

Gravity Pipe CIPP Applications:

•Industrial Sewers
•Sanitary Sewers
•Storm Drains
•All Gravity flow waste and process pipes

CIPP is a viable solution for partially and fully deteriorated pipes with diameters 6 inches to 144 inches in all pipe types with an operating PH within .5 to 10.5 and operating temperature up to 140 degrees F.

CIPP has a designed life of 50 years.  Each application is designed to design criteria based on ASTM and industry standards for each application.

Underground Pipe Bursting
Underground Slip Lining
Underground CCTV Inspection
CIPP Installed on Flange Pipe
CIPP Installed on Flange Pipe

Before and After CIPP Installation

CIPP installed in Host Pipe
Point Repairs Removal and Replacement Spiral Wound Pipe Lining Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation
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