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Point Repairs

Point repairs are necessary when you have a short length of damaged host pipe. This could be a leaking joint up to a collapsed pipe. We have many solutions for point repairs from chemical grouting, CIPP point repairs to open cutting and replacing a section of pipe to be able to rehabilitate the entire line with CIPP or Spiral wound lining.

Gravity Pipe CIPP Applications:

•Industrial Sewers
•Sanitary Sewers
•Storm Drains
•All Gravity flow waste and process pipes
•Water and fire lines
Underground Pipe Bursting
Underground Slip Lining
Underground CCTV Inspection
Point Repair Process
General diagram of a Point Repair process
Mechanical Point Repair
Before and after with mechanical Point Repair
CIPP Point Repair
Completed CIPP Point Repair
Point Repairs Removal and Replacement Spiral Wound Pipe Lining Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation
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