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Spiral Wound Pipe Lining

Spiral Wound pipe lining is very versatile and can be used on small to large diameters.

This technology consists of a single HDPE of PVC , manageable strip  which is progressively wound into an existing pipeline  via a winding machine placed in a existing manhole or structure. Installation of this product can generally be completed without the need for bypass operations. Typical applications range from 6” to 144” pipe diameters.

Spiral Wound Lining Applications:

•Industrial Sewers
•Sanitary Sewers
•Storm Drains
•All Gravity flow waste and process pipes

Spiral wound  has a designed life of 50 years.  Each application is designed to design criteria based on ASTM and industry standards for each application.

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Spiral Wound Technology
General diagram of Spiral Wound Technology
Installation in Sanitary Sewer
Spiral Wound Installation in Sanitary Sewer
Spiral Wound on Storm Drain
Installation of Spiral Wound on Storm Drain
Point Repairs Removal and Replacement Spiral Wound Pipe Lining Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation
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